Newbie from SoCals' FIRST POST!

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    Hello members,

    I am posting my "first"(ahem!) thread as to facilitate a hobby of mine:
    electric motor power conversion of a MTB/ATB!

    I am mostly interested in the PMDC brushed variety of motor(cheaper,and
    about the easiest to setup for electric powered bikes so I have read in the forums!!)at the moment with possible modifications in the near future!:devilish:

    I will be posting ad lib for the most part being that motored powered bicycles are ONLY a hobby of mine
    so I hope this post is sufficient to allow me posting in the more technical subforums regarding modding,buying, and installing motors on atb's!!:grin5:
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  2. thescooterguy

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    welcome fellow motored biker you will love it here .. lots of info . tips , and good people