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    hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself.... my name is 80cc and i just purchased a motorized bike to get to and from work due to a loss of drivers license for speeding on a double demerit point weekend

    this is my first ever motorized bike so please excuse my lack of knowledge lol

    well i bought the bike last night and this morning took it to work, the journey is about 20km and half way there i had a problem with the chain catching or slipping..... i have no idea how tight it needs to be, does anyone have any suggestions ? i hope this isnt a sign of things to come as my mechanical ability isnt that great

    anyways enough of the rant its nice to be here

    80cc :jester:

  2. Anton

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    Hi welcome, bad luck about loosing your license... Once you get your motorized bike running well, you will have a lot of fun getting around!

    You have to have a decent amount of tension on the chain. You mean it's catching on the inside of the driveshaft cover? That sounds like it's too slack. If you tighten it up make sure you have at least 1cm of slack from the normal position. You don't want it too tight and you don't want it too loose if you get what I mean.
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    thanks Anton, yeah i had a go at it yesterday before i left work and all seems to be fine for now lol.... im really new to this motorized bike thing but its great and i wish i had of got one earlier

    i have no idea really what kind of bike i bought except that it looks like a cheap nasty frame with a a80 motor ??? any suggestions as to where i can purchase something of a better quality in aus as it looks like i will be without a drivers license for a while ?

  4. Anton

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    The main Australian engine kit dealers are and

    If I was going to be using a bike everyday I would look into a 4 stroke. That way you could fill up straight from a servo without worrying about mixing fuel!
  5. Samdallas214

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    I agree with Anton go with a 4 stroke kit you will be glad you did