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    Hi all, im Steve from Sydney Australia, Parra area!
    I have a second hand Gasman 49cc bike with 44tooth sprocket, that ive had for a few weeks now.
    It didnt go to good when i got it as it wouldnt go without the choke on!
    Those problems fixed i have been playing around with getting more power!
    so far i have ported the exhaust and inlet ends, glass wraped the baffle in the exhaust and replaced the plug (b6hs) and the plug lead.
    there is certainly more power down low and top speed is 48.8kmh or 30.3mph screaming!

    I plan to get a pocket bike exhaust and chop it up and play with different lengths and also a shorter inlet with less of a sharp angle.
    and a 40 or 38 tooth sprocket and go for 60kmh!

    Hope to see some sydney riders on my travels!


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    Aussie Roll Cal

    Hi to CHOPPERS page as he is looking to gather all Aussies to form an OZ CHAPTER...see you there and welcome aboard MBC

    Ian Harding..New Lambton NEWCASTLE
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    Welcome aboard, Steve.

    Nice looking bike you've got there. I like those fenders. they look easy to make and easy to replace when needed.
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    Lol it poured rain for a week, At work i found a piece of 50x50mm aluminum angle, chopped it up bent them and fitted. I was not going home and gettin painted in the face n *** again. works! now i just get drenched from above!:jester: