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    Quick note my name is Loren. I stumbled across this site and the interesting builds going on here a few days ago. I have always loved the look of the Board Track Racer and was doing a google search and found some of the great looking replicas being dreamed up here. So I had to check it out. I have been a car and bike fan since a kid. I have built several cars some from the ground up some just imporved on what was there. These bikes really appeal to my dare to be different mentality. I tend to like the odd ball stuff. While everyone else was building small block powered Datsun Z cars I put a big block in mine. I currently construct a little sports car called the Ultralite S2k. It is a Lotus 7 clone you can check it out if you car to at.

    I have been looking at the Sportsman Flyer with a Morini engine. I really like the styling and scale seems to be spot on.

    Anyway I will continue to lerk here gaining info from your experience and hope to be a active club member in the near future.

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    i Loren, welcome to Motoredbikes! Those 7s make by dunebuggy look big.
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    Welcome to MBc, Loren. I don't know anything about the Sportsman Flyer, but I do know about the Morini Italian motors. I know they are very pretty, tough as nails, strong as Godzilla, and expensive. One of our members, I think it was Mountainman but not sure, bought a new replacement top jug and it cost him as much as a whole, new, HT motor kit.

    Anyway...Welcome, again, to MBc...and happy riding once you get a MB built (which I know you will<G>)
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    Welcome to the forum. Boardies look great and there are many different styles, so you can still build a unique one.
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    I know the Morini is higher but I have learned from many past adventures the initial cost is usually worth it. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is usually true. Now I am saying this knowing nothing about these bike engine kits. Just what I have read from other post on this forum and a few others. I half considered building with a chinese two stroke and an old bike then upgrading to something later if I like it. Then the 3 or 400 that you spent on that bike could have been used on what you really wanted in the first place.

    In all reality I like the Golden Eagle kit the best. It seems well thought out and seems to a smooth operator. I just hate the look of mounting the engine on the rear wheel. I like the look of the board track racer and I just dont think I will be proud of a BTR with a rear mounted engine.

    I have a few 16hp Van Gaurd engines laying around. I would love to stick one into a BTR frame. I have an old friend that is into the Cushmans and used the B&S Van Gaurd motors in them with great results. They easily go faster than they should and sound very cool with the dual exhuast. With that set up you go from motorbike to motorcycle which is a whole new can of worms to deal with. The bike rear wheel will never hold up either so you would have to change to a motorcycle wheels.

    So many decisions to make and not sure which way to go.
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