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    Hey All, I have friends that have motorized bikes that ride in Milwaukee. They stop at the Harley museums for lunch once in a while.. Funny thing is that there are more people that take photos of their bikes then the $80,000 custom bikes outside.. Anyway, I found this site to be very worthwhile with just about every question answered that I was looking for. I decided to get a kit from Spooky Tooth... took today off and am waiting for the fedex truck to roll up soon with my bike. Why does time go by so slow when you are expecting something?

    Thanks in advance for any future questions.


  2. Mountainman

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    hey Shawn --------------------- welcome to site

    let us know how that THING works out for you

    as you ride the MB thing
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    lol time does go really slow when you want to have fun.....
  4. Mountainman

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    not only girls but

    yes not only girls but -------- boys just want to have fun !!

    as they ride those motor bike THINGS
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    Mounting rear sprocket

    Next bike I an going to do much differently... this is a **** design for this bike. The holes on the sprocket are hitting the hub, so I made them longer to get the bolts threw the spokes... forgot to mention the 72 spokes in the rim and I have pretty big hands. Had to take a break and vent. Almost time for a beer.
  6. O'Fallon

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    got it up and running after filing the coaster arm and bending the muffler to fit the frame.. good time.. It is idling a little high not sure how to fix that or if that is how 2 strokes just are. my new wireless speedo is not working right.. going to swap one of my wired ones out tomorrow. Looking forward to when I am done breaking it in.