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  1. garyj

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    hi all have a 68cc Zoombike kit on a 10speed bike for 3 months, looking to swap info about the bike, mounts"Vibration", carbs & adjustments etc. I'm a retired mechanic/drag/ roadracer motorhead from long island NY now in myrtle beach SC. I saw the Kit & well just had to try it.
    I have a great deal of questions & quite a few answers also hi all!

  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    Welcome! You have found the ultimate source for info! With mechanical skill, these kits are pretty basic. Bolt it together and start riding!
  3. Happy Valley

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    Hello Gary and welcome to MBc. MB ought to be a great place to ride, longer season than LI for sure, lol. Hope you enjoy, ride safe.
  4. give me vtec

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    welcome to the site... happy to have someone of your background here. :helmet: