Newbie - Grubee Super Rat 66 with jack shaft on steel frame road bike

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    Hi everyone:

    Name is Ed ( aka Fyling Scot ).
    Really more of a straight up pedal biker but decided to put a motor on a bike for my girlfriend.

    I found a used chrome moly steel frame bike which is very light and supposedly more comfortable than aluminum. I didn't like the idea of a single speed with the sprocket bolted onto the left side - seems really hokey to me - so I got a Sick Bike Parts jack shaft kit. I ummed and ahhed about which engine to get and ended up ordering a Grubee kit, the 66c Super Rat. I fell for all of the blurb but just read a post here trashing the supposed enhancements and suggesting that my seals are going to blow.

    Just completed my initial test runs today. Starting is tough and that is one of the reported issues with the new Grubee engine. Engine is not idling but I think I just need to do some throttle adjustments.

    Suspect I may end up going down to a easier starting more reliable 49cc motor.

    Anyway, that's it for now.

  2. RedBaronX

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    I think hard starting is just pretty common for brand new engines of all types (though, for all I know, might be a persistent problem with the new Grubee Super Rats)

    I've got a PK-80, which is a 66cc, and when it was very new it was harder to start than it was after breaking it in and getting it adjusted.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard, Ed.

    I'm more of a pedal-bicycler, too. But I do love my MB in harsh weather or when pulling heavy loads. You might find yourself riding your girlfriend's bike a bit more than you think right now.

    The hard start issue might be a matter of break-in. But it does seem as though these engines have some variability; some just "feel" and run different from others.

    But with a little time, you should be able to work it out.
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