Newbie , HELLO , great site ! , starting my first build ....

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    Hello out there,

    I am new here. My name is Greg from North Carolina.

    I have been viewing these sites for a while. Just got my first bike to build and registered for the site. Everyone seems really cool and helpful ! Thanks for letting me join!

    My Project:

    Bike- FS elite cruiser , 6spd, non-coaster brakes ( handle brakes) , I bought this off the classifieds , paid $50. Needs tires and tubes, but otherwise looks new... Not sure of year... not much info on the net about them. Looks like a generic Schwinn or Huffy ( maybe even made by them )

    Has anyone built a M B using an FS elite cruiser ???

    Engine- Still in the research phase , leaning towards the grubee 48cc.

    Thanks again , I will start posting pics as the project goes along...


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    Greg...I deal mostly with Delta Trikes...but take the seat totally off the seat post, and see if a copy of the sales receipt might not be currled around inside of the stem...dolllar-to-a-donut the original owner stuffed one in there.