Newbie here,But been at building bikes 3 years

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  1. Newbie here.Been building 2 strokers 3 years.Now they gonna be banned.:icon_cry: Kinda sad.So I guess I will have to go with an underpowered 4 stroke:icon_cry:.I hear they pretty reliable.I hope soon to find a 4 stroke that Is decent quality.I own a 2 stroker china girl and a tomos moped.Not much more to say.Not anything to brag about.Nice meeting you people.Have a nice day

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    Don't know about the underpowered bit, but welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. Thank you professor
  4. Guess I should state I am used to 2 stroke's top speed.I heard 2 strokes put out twice as much horsepower per cc's as a 4 stroke.But,I hear 4 strokes have more pulling power.But slower top speed.I don't truly know the facts.Just what I read on 2 vs 4 strokes.