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    So I stumbled onto this forum while looking for alternatives to motorcycles. I didn't want to purchase a motorcycle and go through the process of getting a license endorsement plus insurance. I'm from Oklahoma and I haven't heard of motorized bikes or seen one in person.

    I've pretty much decided to build my own motorized bike. I just can't decide how. I don't have much mechanical skills (but I learn quickly) and I don't have much money as I just graduated college and going into the teaching profession. That is part of the reason I want a cheaper and economical form of transportation.

    I have a mountain bike that is pretty old plus a cruiser from WalMart that got stolen and trashed. I managed to fix everything but the back tire on the cruiser, and now that I have this idea to build a motorized bike, I think I might just build one up from the ground up. That way, I can put parts on it that will be quality and good for a motorized bike.

    Glad to be one here!

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    hmmm, little or no mechanical experience? get a kit, rather than try making your own drive.

    so, 4poke or 2smoke?

    cost difference, 4 strokes cost more initially.

    all 4 strokes are "awkward" fits into the standard bicycle frame.

    the 2 strokes are plagued with reliability issues if youre inexperienced or unlucky.

    the 2 strokes are the tidiest and easiest to fit to a frame.

    a 4stroke only requires an occasional oil change and few other simple things.

    a twostroke requires oil in the fuel and will die if overlooked.

    a 4stroke is clean and quiet.

    a 2stroke is loud smelly and smoky.

    4 stroke doesnt use too much fuel but dislikes being overrevved.

    2stroke can be fuel hungry but can really get to some silly speeds!

    not much you can do to make a 4stroke more powerful without an engineering degree, machinery or money.

    2 stroke can be fiddled with and improved or ruined, either way :) either cheaply or by throwing $100 bills...

    really, the decision is personal, and comes down to the size of your wallet, expected useage and purpose, and not much else...

    the safest bet, if you rely on the thing, is get a fourstroke, preferrably a honda. anything else, get a twostroke kit as a backup emergency relief.

    if you just wanna have fun and can deal with the occasional failure, just go twopoke all the way :)
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    Welcome to the forum. Most of these motor kits will cruise at 20-25 mph. You pedal a bit to get rolling and can continue to pedal on a multi-speed bike if you want some exercise (the racers pedal full time). I think they are great for short commutes and errands. They cost much less to acquire and operate than a motorcycle. Also a great way for a youngster to learn some basic mechanics on a simple engine. Read a lot on this site before you buy and I think you will have a great time with your motor kit.
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    My plan when I saw build a bike from the top is start with a frame and over time add parts like wheels with reinforced rims, 12 gauge spokes, and such. When it comes to the engine, I am planning on getting the Honda GX35 4 stroke and the GEBE Belt Drive system.

    I want to learn more about mechanics and I think this is a good project that will help me understand better. Oh, and I'm 21. Thanks for welcoming me to the club!

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