newbie here needing help on first build

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    Hello fellow enthuist,
    I am so glad to find this forum and am hoping someone can offer some advice. My name is Larry reames and am from Peoria,Il. I just put together my first motorized bike and enjoyed the experience till it turned bad. Looking for ideas or suggestions.
    Let me begin by telling you what I am working with. I am using a 2011 26" Schwinn Delmar Beach Cruiser($125 from walmart) with a 66cc 2-stroke that i purchased from We got it all put together, put the gas/oil mix in(8oz+ 1 us gallon gas) and it fired right up on first attempt and several starts after that from us turning it off to make adjustments to the chain and carberator. the only adjustment made to carberator was on the inside. I had the slide barrel in wrong and was sticking wide open. took it all apart and fixed the slide and it was good after that. so i took it for a ride approximately 2 miles in, i hit a small bump in the road and it lost its ability to fire. i also noticed at this time that a motor mount nut of the u-bolt mount had came off. we used a test lite on the wiring and the only response we got was from the white wire coming off the motor when we would peddle and release the clutch. We tried a different plug and cdi off my brother in laws M.B., still nothing. any ideas or suggestions would be helpfull and appreciated. will post pics of my cruiser soon as it is running and worthy again.... lmao thanks guys happy motoring:cool2:

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    A suggestion,
    consider posting see pics of the MB when it's broken down so we can see the problem?

    All the Best
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    thanks for the replies, upon further investigation we discovered that the retaining nut for the magnet on the magneto was never put on at the factory only tthe washer was there. It apparently had came off the bolt and was lodged between the magnet and the magneto loop. it still will not start. Have ordered a new magneto loop/magnet as well as a new cdi unit. hopefully that will solve the problem.
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    Another reason (one of MANY) to inspect all engines coming from China.

    Now this brings to mind. If you tried to start the engine while the nut was off, and the nut got jammed, you most likely sheared the key in the magnet. Inspect, this is how it's set up.
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    magneto key

    checked the magneto key today and other than a few scrapes on the flat surface it appears to be ok. when the new electrical system gets here will let everyone know how it went. also have posted a before/after install pics of my bike. I call her "BLUE HEAVEN".:jester:
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    well finally got " OLE BLUE " runnin again. turned out just to be a timing problem. thanks Al.Fisherman for the pics had it running in about 15 minutes after i saw the pics. Now for the bad news, she seen her first wreck yesterday.My nephew went down on it but he came out worse than the bike. had to order a new throttle/kill switch handle and a new headlight. Still cheaper than a new nephew, other than serious road rash he will be o.k. and is planning his first build.:cool: ride on folks !!!!
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    You're right the good news is good and the bad news is really bad. Hope he heals ok, the younger (not like me) the easier and faster one heals.