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    I have been looking for a online forum for Motorized bikes and I am glad I found one. I have a Marin 16 speed mountain bike that I have converted to a 36cc John Deere motor bike. Working on getting the bike fully road ready with blinkers and lights. I am from Atlanta, GA and plan on commuting to work from the suburbs to downtown (apprx. 28 miles) on the bike for a month. Currently in the rebuild phase of the bike and have logged about 60-80 hours on the bike.

    Will post pics of the build out and bike soon. Using an old istaton drive gears.



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    Welcome to the forum. I graduated from the same high school as Kieth Brooking - East Coweta near Newnan. If your commute is 28 miles one way, you may need a 3/4 gallon tank in case you hit strong headwinds. When I lived in Phoenix, my commute was 25 miles one way.
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    How is the atlanta commute working out? Mine would be that same distance also in Atlanta.