newbie MB, but not bikes.

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    hi all.

    I can't wait to start tinkering and putting together my MB. I'm gonna try to put something together from the parts I already have but I'm on the search for this:

    I will probably make my MB a fixie (ha!) :???: now that would be interesting. Anyway, yeah, I'm going for a hyrid single speed.

    I love bikes and this is going to be a great new obsession, I just have to remember and get out there and pedal once and a while.

    I'm a bike commuter and have about a 22 round trip-so on those days I just don't feel like sweating-I will crank up "El Poderocito" :lol:.

    I do wonder what all my biking friends will think of my "cheating" -but I haven't seen any other MB in my town so they might just give me the thumbs up.

    be safe all.