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    Im a Newbie when it comes to motored bikes. but i want to do a 4 stroke 99cc predator build. can anyone give me directions on doing this and what all is needed. I plan on using a beach cruiser frame. i want to add a generator and have head light tail light and possibly turn signals. springer front end. this will eventually be my daily driver to and from work during the nicer days. which we have often. I want it to do atleast 35mph and be able to go up hills easy. Mainly what im needing to know is how to set up a drive train that will handle my needs. im fairly good at building and setting things up. and what would be needed to an upgrade to set up the bike for disc brakes. or suggestions on a brake system to use.

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    Sounds like you need a jack shaft system. There's several good gear boxes out there. Good luck with your build.
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    so i think i have found a decent bike to start with. a Schwinn Del mar? my buddy has it just sitting around and it almost brand new. no dents no dings... So i know i will need to use a jackshaft system with a predator 99cc. i know how to run fuel lines and setting up a gravity feed system. ive previously rebuilt a 2001 Yamaha v star 650 classic motorcycle with my dad. but this is a bit more challenging since its motorizing something that previously wasnt motored. also needed will be a disc brake converison. a generator for the lights. I think i should be able to do the throttle system. but any help would be appreciated.
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    Think im going to go with a Schwinn Majestic Cruiser. Its a 7 speed. comes with a Shimano Derailleur. anyone have any imput on this type of bike?
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    its a schwin its tough and built to look good lol
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    id say do it!