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    Hello, My name is Steven. I have a MTB with a PK 80 and a 1999 whizzer. I REALLY LOVE MY WHIZZER! I have limited "Mechanical Skills", and lack of tools to work with. So, I consulted with The Whizzer experts, Helmutt and Quenton. Helmutt told me to get some tools, and Quenton told me what to do with the tools,. My whizzer is now undergoing a super secret experiment by The Whizzer expert. I hope that "The Whizzer Experiment" works. I want a bullet proof fire breathing whizzer with a cool PHOENIX BIKEWORKS WHIZZER CHASSIS!

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    Welcome yo MBc, Steven. While the Super Secret Mechanic is working on your Super Secret Project. please read thru the threads on the forums...especially the stickies at the top of each one. They contain valuable info on the rules you must follow, and helpful information that may help with your Super, Secret Experiment, as will our forum devoted to just Whizzers. Good Luck, and I hope you aren't in for any Super Secret surprises. <g>