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    I will be building a delta trike powered by lawnmower vertical engine of 16hp with belt drive to a 7-speed geared trans-axle(with reverse!) I will be modifying the drive and driven pulley sizes to increase speed. I would like to use a light motorcycle frame and front end that I already have. It has disk brake and is complete with vin stamped on steering tube, title, & license plate. This should easily allow me to make it street legal so I can run errands while enjoying my ride and saving gas at the same time. As part of the design, I plan to incorporate a small flatbed in back to be able to haul something.(sort of like the Cushman "Truckster".) I plan to apply some custom ideas I have for this trike like LED lighting for headlight, tail light, turn sigs, plus dash instrument lighting! Speaking of dash instruments, I plan to have the full compliment of volt, amp, oil pressure, and oil temperature meters. I'm particularly excited to try out my Wally World $10 bicycle speedometer, odometer, air temperature, and clock!.I may even add a oooga horn I bought at Harbor Freight for $10! Later on I may build a "Truckster"-like cab with door, real glass windshield, wiper, & maybe even a heater for weather protection thereby affecting year-round usage! You can probably tell I've been thinking about this project and collecting parts for quite some time! I would be particularly interested in input and ideas from those members who have already blazed the trike trail. I know, I know, my trike is not the standard 2-wheel powered bicycle but I hope the group accepts this design. I have noticed at least one other member who has already just about completed a trike. Looking forward to membership.:grin5:
    William Dysinger- Gresham, Oregon
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