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  1. jeffrey kleinknecht

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    My name is Jeff. I have posted a thread or two,on this site and gotten some great advice.
    I don't recall having introduced myself here,though. So,not wanting to be remiss,I thought I would do so,now.
    I turn 50,in January,and have been in construction all my life.
    With the recent economic downturn,there is not much construction for me to take part in,so,I have a bit of free time.
    I have finally found a hobby with which I can fill that time!
    I had so much fun with my first build...even the problems were enjoyable!
    This is great,and riding the bike is more fun than anything I have done in a long time!
    To top it off,the members of this forum are knowledgable,helpful,and respecful.
    I consider it an honor to be a part of it.

  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc, Jeff. Use our searcher function, and take advantage of our many gurus. They will not mind giving the advantage of their experience.
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    Welcome Jeff, I'm also a "little older" and still riding. Sometimes I don't know what I enjoy more, Building or Riding. So I will keep doing both untill I can't.
    Big Red.
  4. jeffrey kleinknecht

    jeffrey kleinknecht New Member

    good to know you!

    I feel the same1 it's great to meet so many cool people. It's also good to know that this hobby appeals to all ages!