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    Been doin' my research and ran into this wonderful site.

    I've not yet done a build, simply doing research to find the do's and don'ts plus to find the best type of build, seems that's up for debate.

    I'm in Ohio, as you can see from my title, in the Mount Vernon area which is 50 miles north northeast of Columbus. I've been interested in these modes of transport for a while, after i found one on youtube. And i figure this is the best way to stick OPEC on my end. I only drive 7 miles to work so this would be great.

    I've been reading through this site for a couple weeks and thanks to you all i now feel 100% confident about mounting my own kit, just have to save the money for the it first. I used to be a mechanic so i think i can handle this, i know "famous last words of a fool".

    Any way, thank you for a wonderful and informative site. If anyone's in my area give me a shout, i'd love to see your build.

    Michael Gray
    Mount Vernon, Ohio