Newbie in SF bay CA

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    Hello all,
    Yep I'm an MB newbie. It started when I thought "why don't I ride my bike to work?" But there's that one hill! So I bought the GEBE to put on my Trek comfort bike. I had no experience working on bicycles so it's all new to me. I've since learned how to repack a hub and center my axle, etc. But I Still havent gotten it running because I want to be safe and legal. I also want to have some funso I'll be posting questions. Nice to meet you all.

  2. Nice to see someone in California, I grew up in San Francisco and San Diego. I have a bunch of family out there.
    If there's anything I can help ya with, let me know. And check out my build!
    But welcome to the forum, bunch of help on here!
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    Where in the Bay Area are you? I'm in SF and am looking for fellow riders nearby.