Newbie in the Great White North


Blue Coupe


I have been lurking around this forum for a bit and I must say it has excellent tech. I'm new to motorized bicycles and it appears that there are lots of choices out there.

I live in Calgary, Alberta and I cycle all year around. Top speed really is not a factor, moreover off the line power to help navigate through the snow when the going gets tough (I suspect gearing will be a challenge).

These are my initial thoughts...(I realize there are appropriate locations in the forum to post the variety of ideas I have).

I'll be starting the engine at around -5 C and running around -10C to-25C for the winter months.

Electric - too heavy, poor range (especially with higher loads through snow and the cold).
Friction drive (tire drive) - in snow, unlikely it will work well.
Chain or ribbed belt - probably the best choice
Engine Noise - the quieter the better
Smoke - as little as possible
Mounting - I like the idea of a rack mount, one of the pocket bike builds on this forum is awesome! I wonder how loud it is?
Budget-middle of the road

I also need to consider to keep things low key, I do not want to annoy people on the bike paths regardless if it is legal or not (I have checked local laws).

Looking forward to learning more!
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Hello and welcome Coupe! Gatta admire riding through the winter up there.


hey coupe! my brother lives calgary! it sounds like your headed in the right direction! & welcome to the forum! your gonna love it here1