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    Hi I'm new to the site have been a bike enthusiast for a long time (both vintage and new collector bikes) I came across this site and am impressed by the variety of motorized bike on here. I am looking to motorize a felt bike and have seen the current posts. has anyone put a 48cc motor on a felt bike with 24"x3" tires Like the hot wheels or james dean bike, if so how hard is it. any help would be appreciated,

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    hey Hotrod
    welcome to the forums
    while I'm not familiar with the bike you're talking about, I'm sure someone here is and will be along to point you in the right direction soon
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    Hi hotrod. Welcome to MBc!
    Sorry, also not familiar with felt bikes.

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    You may have seen this, but here's a great MBc starter "link" to get you motoring.
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    im doing one very similar to the felt crusier bike but my tyres are only 2.5" wide also make shure it doesn't have coaster brakes (the ones you peddle backwards) there nothing but a nightmare!also make shure you have enough room in the frame.
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    sorry - WELCOME!
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    Thanks for all the replies, so if there is no coaster brake is it easier to put a disc brake on the back? I am going to be able to piece a Felt bike together so I can choose disc or coaster. Thanks
    P.S. Here's a link to felts bike site check out the Cruisers section their bikes are awesome
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    There is quite a bit of information about using Felt bikes here but most of it is talk of using the top tube as the fuel tank. I haven't seen any talk/threads about the problems that might arise out of trying to get the drive chain past a 3in. wide tire. I'm sure it can be done though. You may want to do some searches here about the OCC/Chopper and Stingray Choppers and how they are set up as they have a 4in wide rear tire I believe. I believe there is a special kit with some special parts that aren't available in the standard Happy Time kits for these types of bikes and maybe this kit would solve the problems on a Felt with wide tire as well?

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    Thanks for the info I'll check into it
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    Welcome here!! I have built 2 Nirve Switchblade choppers with 3"tires. The clearance issues are endless. It can be done with some special parts and modifications. You can even use the coaster brake if you can find the right parts or don't mind fabricating some. If this is your first build you may want to find something easier. This is the advise that I was given, and then promptly ingnored. Anything is possible if you keep working and thinking about it. Some on here have eliminated the motor side sprocket altogether via a jackshaft which transfers power from the motor side to the pedal side. You might want to go that route too. Once you have your hands on the bike, it might be more apparant what you'll have to do to make things work. Good luck to you!!
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    sounds good , what kind of parts did you have to fab for the coaster brake? I am in a hot rod/ custom car club and we have a shop with endless tools so I can fabricate some parts if needed . I think a clam shell sprocket setup might work best with some spacers to clear the tire, but the brake was my biggest concern.
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    Right, the clamshell adapter comes with a spacer to bring the brake arm out a bit. You will need 2 of these spacers (welded together) to clear the 3" tire. You will also need to get rid of the screws they give you to attach the sprocket and use flat head screw with some finishing washers or the heads of the screws will not clear the brake arm. If you get your adapter from Livefastmotors you will need to buy a sprocket from them also as the holes in the one from your kit will not align with the adapter. Also, I would bore the holes in the adapter a bit bigger and tap new threads for bigger bolts (the adapter is aluminum). The bolts supplied are M5 or M6 and I have had them break from torque. You may also need to ditch the chain from the kit. I used a KMC 510 BMX chain and cut to size because it is strong and quite a bit narrower and also helps to clear the tire. The BMX chain does not like to fit on the engine drive sprocket very well so you will need to remove some material there. The fender will need to be notched out for the chain. You will most likely need a longer axle in order to catch some threads with your axle nuts. Also you will need to dish the rim (several times in my case) to center the rubber (tire) between the chains and tweak the frame by about 1/2" to get the whole assembly to fit between the dropouts. Once finished and dialed in, it works quite well, just alot of monkey business for a 3" tire!! I built mine in the winter so was able to just take my time. Hope this helps you with yours. I checked out the Felt bikes website and they are very sharp. I like the MP and the Rat Patrol because they look alot like the first Harleys from 1903.
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    Thanks, That's a huge help! I am hoping to find some flat top allen bolts(for the sprocket) where the allen hole is down in the shaft instead of raised above it. I think that will help with clearance. I'm getting a bunch of parts from Felt to piece a bike together so I'll post some progress pics as I go ahead with it.