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    Hello all,
    I'm starting to research and gather information about boardtrack racers.

    About me; I served in the military for ten years and spent the entire time riding Harleys. While at the same time I began developing an urge toward cafe racers for their bare bones style.

    I left the military and had to sell my bike for a college commuter vehicle. Two masters degrees and a ton of school debt later, I started gathering information on cafe racers when I came on boardtrack racers recently.

    I'm certainly inspired by the designs of Halcyon Cycle Works. He seems to have nailed the concept I'm looking at for a boardtrack inspired racer. I tried to contact him via the website to no avail but I'm not giving up. If anyone knows how to contact him please let me know.

    As for the eventual outcome of a boardtrack racer I'm not in a hurry. I've been lurking about here and at another well-known boardtrack inspired forum (excuse double-posting).

    I'm big into minimalist aesthetics with clearly defined lines but a custom-design boardtrack with a Briggs Vanguard (16-23hp) would be awesome. Those ideas may sound opposed but I'm looking for the median between them. Sort of a beefed-up Halcyon Cycle Works bike. I've look at a 1926 Excelsior Super X and man oh man... but that bike begins to stray too far from the purity. Its lines are clean and true but a lttle too thick. Maybe something between a Halcyon and a Super X designed frame. Ideas? Then I can take it to the necessary forum topic area.
    The best part about a minimalist boardtrack design is that while boosting speed in a raw and original way it also keeps costs down. Awesome. At any rate, I'm in no hurry to jump in. Things have to work out first on my end. I'm just researching ideas for now. Fire away with any questions.
    Thanks all for your time and consideration.

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    Welcome aboard.

    If minimalism is what you crave, then you've come to the right place.

    We take a good deal of pride in making, and maintaining, viable transportation out of almost nothing.