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    Hello! gluttons for punishment!

    I have been tinkering with these motorized bikes for about a year and a half with a friend of mine at his bike shop on Ft. Myers Beach Florida

    It seems we can ride them just about anywhere down here (except Ft Myers Beach?) Anyway about 1 1/2 years ago sitting in bumper to bumper trying to get over the only bridge going to the beach I saw a guy zipping around on a motorized bike...

    I am a bike tech and my friend who owns the bike shop, has motor experience... He was already buying up OCC Schwinn choppers and putting ape hangers on them and selling them to the locals - they are seen being ridden on the main road of Ft Myers Beach often.

    I knew the OCC Schwinn was a good foit for a motor but you have to be 11 years old to ride them. SO... I decided to ADULT
    SIZE THEM. I found proper seat post and installed a standard [flamed] spring saddle. This combined with 15 inch apehangers, and a chinese engine - Barrys mount and pipe and we were onto something.

    We have learned a lot and done many builds since then see: PEDALCHOPPER.COM
    We really enjoy building motorized bikes and hope to offer some of our NEW Innovations to the Public soon. November 1, 2011 - I will reveal the real meaning of my Handle: Manic Hy-Per!