Newbie needs ALOT of help please.

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    Hello my name is Tyler and I have recently started a kind of long commute its about 41 miles and it takes me about an hour to get there in a car. I'm spending a fortune on gas and was wondering if using a motorized bike would be a better option.

    The problem is I have no knowledge of motorized bikes at all so some of the questions I have are how fast do the bikes go on average, how long do electric powered bikes run for, and how often do they break down.

    Again I am as new to this as someone can be and I hope joining here can be some help.

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    I would look into your local laws first. Most states have a max speed limit on these things. My state (Maine) says I can only go up to 20MPH, before it's considered a motorcycle.
    That's kinda of a long daily commute for a bike, but it can be done. Those recumbent bikes look comfortable.
    Good luck
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    Welcome... now to the correct forum for questions. You will get more and better responses.