Newbie needs heip with Whizzer H magneto ignition

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    Hi All

    First time poster.

    I am working on an oily rag renovation of a Whizzer H. The original magneto was missing so I got one of the Memory Lane replacements. The condenser wire has been connected to the point wire per information found elsewhere on this site.

    The coil wire tests good and the point gap has been checked and is good. Timing of the point opening is right with the flywheel.

    The problem is, no matter what I try, the magneto will not produce a spark at the plug, with or without a spark plug.

    I tried hand spinning the flywheel and also put it back in the bike frame and spun the engine through the pedals. Nothing seems to work. The magneto ignition is simple, but I'm completely stumped.



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    I'm not a expert on this, but do you have the proper gap set between the coil ( Magneto) and the flywheel? I don't remember exactly but you need to have a gap there of .10 or .11 thousandths. It can be frustrating when your trying to get a bike going and no one out there helps you out so this is my best guess .
    You can try to PM Quenton Gunther for help. He is a expert and will probably contact you if he see's this. Good luck!
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    $_3.jpg $(KGrHqR,!l4FJ7R!YWEFBSe7m,Vbh!~~60_57.jpg NSBike,
    Just wanted to let you know about something else that may help you. You can eliminate the points on your motor altogether with a Electronic Ignition. A place called sells this part for $20 + shipping. Part #w-33-053. You can also find this part on eBay for Around $30.
    Those old points can be a pain and this will eliminate the points and condenser. Feeler Gauge can be had at a auto parts store for $5-$10 and here is a pick of the elect. ign.
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    What about the magnets on the flywheel?
    Are they good?

  5. jbcruisin

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    you can also get the module at an auto or lawn mower parts store.
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    I have check the gap to the flywheel as well as the point and plug gap. Also check continuity of the coil winding etc.. The magnets will pick up a screw driver, but don't feel overly "strong".

    Is there a way to test the magnets for strength?

    I don't think the electronic module will help much until I can be more sure that the magneto is putting out current.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far.

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    You'll need to check that coil. I've gotten 3 switches from memory Lane for a head light and none of them have worked. There is a procedure for this using some battery power (around 3 volts) I think? Unfortunately I don't know exactly how it's done. Have you tried to private message Quenton? Sorry I can't be of more help. The elect. module suggestion wasn't meant to fix the problem your having with your coil.
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    I ran across the same problem in the past. I had a good flywheel, new coil and spark plug, gap on the mag was set per specs and timing was perfect. For me it was the points. The points were new but when I installed a new pair BINGO. This happen to me a couple of times. Just another thing for you to try and eliminate. Good luck.
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    That's why I'd put the points module in.