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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by dys, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Hey, I heard about doing this kind of stuff from a friend and i started to look into it further and arrived here. I am interested in putting my old weed whacker or lawn mower motor on to my mountain bike. The only problem is my very limited knowledge of motors, the parts involved and certain skills such as welding. Would a fairly simple project like this, compared to your seemingly complex designs, be too much for someone like myself? The main reason i would be doing this project is to learn more about this kind of stuff, and have a badass bike :p.

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    Don't know of any rocket scientists on this forum so if we can learn it anyone can....have patience & READ.
    Please introduce yourself.
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    Yes take your time, look around, do lots of searches. Here is a link to one of the vendors to the left. Not so much to buy one at this point, buy scroll to the bottom and look at some of the parts used.
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    I guess one way to look at it if you are not sure on this type of stuff, is to post a picture of your bike first. That way we can all see the proposed project.
    Having said this, you are going to require a engine kit one day sooner or later.
    Better it be sooner, order a 50cc engine kit anyway, while you are anxiously waiting for it's arival, read read read.
    The reason I say this, is to skip the idea of getting a lawnmower engine altogether if you say you have limited knowledge of motors
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    Thanks for all the input guys I appreciate it. I have looked over many of the parts to familiarize myself with the way one works. I have a general idea and I am trying to visualize how it will work on my own project. I currently have a mountain bike, with only 1 good tire :p, that i might use. I am trying to make this a low cost project for now because I won't be needing it for commuting, but i understand a small investment goes a long way in this type of thing. Thanks again for the help!