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    I've never been on a forum like this and I don't know what i'm doing,but I could really use any help I can get. I thought when I bought my basket case pacemaker 2 I would find all the info I needed. If I look on youtube I can find 30 videos on how to change spark plugs on my Grand am but nothing on the Whizzer.
    I bought a basket case whizzer for $350 and pieced it back together from parts catalog diagrams and internet pics. The very first question is what year is my bike? The tag on the neck says MFD 0706, which I take to mean july 2006. But I thought I read this bike was only made for 2 years (I think) 2001-2002 ? Numbers match on frame and neck tag. Can anyone explain this?
    Also after getting bike together I felt like there was little compression and could pedal this bike without holding in the compression lever! As a matter of fact there was no discernible difference! It also seemed the same with or without spark plug in. I had a 60's honda moped that had a similar set-up, with compression lever and there was a big difference.
    This lead me to believe that there was a problem with the valves or head so I purchased a new head and 20mm carb cause old carb won't fit new head. I also had to modify the exhaust manifold, by cutting down one of the fins. As of now i'm waiting on the carb (comes tomorrow) So far I can't tell by spinning motor if there's any change in compression. Is this because carb and exhaust is not hooked up? This is a WC1 motor.
    If things aren't bad enough, the bike has no spark. The wiring harness was chopped up so I ordered a new one along with CDI, ignition coil and voltage regulator. (also come tomorrow.) $350 project is now at $800. I'm also wondering if this carb and head was a good idea and will this add anything to the performance of the bike? Attaching photo.
    If anyone has any answers to any of these questions please let me know. You could even call me at 260-267-0191. Chris. Bike also came with for different size rear belts. any Idea which fits a 24" pacemaker with centrifugal clutch? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !BuqK2IQBWk~$(KGrHqMOKnIEvyFryDd0BMBReyYym!~~_12.JPG !BoPnO8w!Wk~$(KGrHqYOKigEu,(f-,rEBLmvwiiInw~~_12.JPG

    I just wanted to update this post for anyone who may read this and be thinking of doing any updates to their WC1 bike. Starting with that new head, anyone thinking of adding one of these should be aware of a few details. The first thing is that you will need to also have to purchase a new 20mm carb for this set-up. Secondly, I needed to drill out the holes on the carb mounting flange using a 1/4 " drill bit. For some reason the one I received had threaded holes that would not accept the threaded posts provided to mount the new carb to engine head.
    You will also need to modify your exhaust manifold because it will not fit flush to engine head. You can do this by making a 1/4 " spacer.
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    Knowing nothing about Whizzers besides the facts that they exist and are pretty darn cool, I'm not able to help you. Sorry. But I'll wish you the best of luck.

    There's folks here who do know something. Sooner or later they'll spot this thread and then you'll get some help.

    One guy here named Quenton is a Whizzer Wizard. If you can find him, then you'll be on the road to being on the road.
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    Thanks, we'll get it figured out.
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    Welcome to the forum and to whizzer lillback44.
    can you post pics of your whizzer? that would help us to see alittle better, sounds like the exhaust valve is still open, maybe the compression release is adjusted so that it keeps the valve open.
    Quenton also has the Pacemaker II, well, his wife does. hopefully he'll sign in soon, he's been caring for wife. there's plenty more info.

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    Hi Chris, does your Pacemaker II look like this one, with a WC-1 cylinder.
    didn't your cylinder kit come with instructions? something like these.
    this one is from 2004.


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    Yes my bike looks exactly like that. Cylinder kit, carb, and wiring harness came with no instructions at all! I have installed the carb and head and seem to have compression now, but need to get spark before I get it back together.
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    you can still contact debbie at whizzer usa and get a harness for the bike and related parts. ...dont give up ,and stay in touch with mason man here...he knows these things well too. where are you from?