newbie question about using hub to run lights



i've been paying close attention to this genre. i really want to be able to incorporate it all & i think i've hit on it.

i've read about the pros and cons of both gasoline & electric drives, and i personally lean towards gasoline as more doable in my world.

but! there's a place for electric on sabrina-ll, i think.

it was mentioned that certain e-hubs will recharge the batteries when not in use.

how low can i go, voltage-wise, with that setup? i see a low-budget front e-hub as my path to a comprehensive lighting system.

of course, the e-hub being a source of "quiet-time" or "reserve" mileage is a major plus and justifies this plan, imo.
36 volt is i think the lowest, and the lighting wouldn't be a prob cause you can run it straight from the batteries, from the electric hub. and yes when you run out of go go juice from your batteries you can run the gas to re-juice the batteries, but will still need to charge them properly at home, just to keep your batteries in good condition.....
thanks for that...i think next time i "hit it big" i'll make sabrina a hybrid of you know of anyone already running a gas/e-hub bike?
not yet but, l will be very soon, probably the new 4 stroke engine and a 36 volt electric hub. im tired of dik-ing around with the 2-stroke. all parts are on the, hopefully soon.