Newbie Questions:Looking For Guidance!

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    Hi All,

    I am new to this idea of motorizing my bicycle and want to get it right. I've been looking around at the different kits out there, but don't want to shell out that kind of cash right now. I have a couple of 2-stroke engines to work with.

    I like the looks of the GEBE system. I just don't know about attatching that "drive ring" to my spokes like that. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.

    I was wandering if anyone has ever set-up a similar system, but using a hub adapter with a sprocket or pulley bolted to that instead of the "drive ring" attached to the spokes. Seems like this would just be a more sturdy design and would stay centered better. May be some chainstay clearance issues now that I think about it a little more. I wander what is the largest sprocket or pulley that could be used with the hub adapter before running into any clearance issues.

    I have a local machine shop that can make anything I need if anyone has any suggestions.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions you can offer. I'm learning ALOT just from reading the forums here. This is really cool!


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    Welcome to the forum!
    The GEBE drive ring has, over the years, proven itself to be bullet proof. Installation is the only tricky part. You need the ring as perfectly centered as possible. As I understand it, after the ring is installed it will not shift around on the wheel what so ever. As far as spoke damage, comparatively speaking, sprockets that mount to the wheel hub transfer more stresses and strains onto the spokes as all the power applied must be transferred from one end of the spoke to the other. With the GEBE drive ring the power only travels through a couple of inches of the total spoke length.
    I am currently giving the GEBE kit some serious consideration for purchase due to the simplicity and legendary ruggedness of the design.