Newbie recumbent question


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10:54 PM
Apr 6, 2008
Northern VA
Hi All,

I have a homebuilt mid wheelbase recumbent that I am just finishing. I plan on using this bike for a 15 mile one way hilly commute.

Here is a pic of the bike:

In it's current config the bike has 35 speeds due to the mid-drive, so it has a pretty wide gear inch range already. But I'm thinking I might like to add an engine to assist on the commute.

I am totally clueless regarding these gas engines. Do the Happy Time engines require a pull start? Any ideas on how I could mount one of these engines to this frame? I want to do a chain drive.

Another question: Would it be possible to mount a custom gear cog on the rear hub disc brake mounting holes? How does everyone mount the gear on the rear wheel hub?

Thanks , Ed
Welcome to MBc

If you go through the Gallery forum, take a look at other builds to get a few ideas.
There ae rear mounted engines there to.

All the best

Welcome to MBc. Nice bike, Ed. Good work. I doubt you will find any easy way to fit an HT on that frame. You'll probably need to go Rack Mount.