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  1. lo,everyone ... I'm a newbie posting a little backround ... love motorcycles and motor scooters but needed more storage space in my rent a storage so I recently sold 2 50cc scoots, a dog of a scooter from new pioneer, and a fast linhai yamaha. More room was nice but started missing the scoots when I don't feel like riding the cycle ... so 2 weeks ago I bought a Rice 80 on Ebay, a Target online 'West Coast' cruiser,and started building. Finished a week ago and I'm kinda proud of the look. The West Coaster has a really small V so the 80 looks massive. Went to Dax (Dax?) ...I think it's called Dax for a few parts upgrades and went with the nice push button alloy clutch lever, and the chrome tank, added the super big Back Trails 12x13 seat (oh thats nice on the ol bum ) and oh, please do not get me started about speedo comps .... tried 4, every one sets and resets as posters here have also found out. Not sure if its really the CDI, I'm starting to think the batterys sit too loosly in thier compartment ... found a $20 Shwinn model (the Target one with the red trim that uses the larger nickel size lithium pluse has a screw down lid with a foam pressure pad,but havn't put it on yet. Ditto to all on the retro look cable speedo .. bought 2, they do go nutz at 35 and the spring loses tension after about 60 miles of use. the drive cable simply rounded out its holder,so no more Pyramid Sports for me.[/list]

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
    can't wait to see pics !
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    Welcome to MBc! nice intro 8)
    yeah, let's see some pics tomorrow, eh?
    Happy :mrgreen:

    Im a little fuzzy about finding a host site to dump pics to so I can then upload to here. Is there a place people here know to go to ?[/b]
  5. have had no luck with my digital speedometers, but I know how fast I'm going just by feeling it. I'm sure I've never hit my top speed because I don't like the screaming sound my engine makes above 25 mph.

    the best way to upload pics to the site is to use the upload picture button when you are posting. this means we aren't waiting for other sites to load pics in and helps out the folks on the dial up aswell. Also it's easier than uploading to another place, bringing the link over and pasting it in to this site.

    damn, augi explains it way better than me...
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    you can upload directly to our site, it will then be stored for you to access at anytime (gallery)
  7. Welcome :grin:
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    welcome to MBc ! 8)
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    welcome to the group!