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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by stringer, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. stringer

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    I was thinking of putting together my own MB and wanted to get some opinions. I know next to nothing about this, but I'm trying to learn. Basically It would be convenient if my current bike would work well for conversion. Not only because It would save me from buying another bike, but well ... I spent $350 on this bike about 3-4 years ago and used it once for about twenty minutes. I suppose im looking for a general purpose MB can also fare well off pavement on occasion if needed. Reliability and proper fit being main concerns as well. Would need to be 49cc or less.

    Anyway, I would like to know the pros/cons for going with this bike. Is it a good idea, or are there far better options? Its a Specialized hard rock sport. Also, If this bike is a good platform, how would you set it up? Friction, chain ... etc ?? 2 or 4 stroke?? Be specific if possible, links are great too. Thanks in advance! :smile:

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  2. Accender

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    That would make an awsome MB.
    The front suspension will really help "at speed".

  3. augidog

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    if i still had my specialized "expedition" it would be motorized...very nice bikes for the money. you already know what drivetrain i'd recommend ;)
  4. stringer

    stringer New Member

    I'm afraid i dont know, which would you recommend?

    After more reading, I know I want to get a 4 stroke kit. I really like the look of those subaru EHO35 engines. Does anyone offer a 4 stroker that mounts inside the frame??
  5. Accender

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    EHO35 is epic win!

  6. stringer

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    i think i might be limited to 2 strokes due to price. i would really like a kit with the EHO35 tho.
  7. SirJakesus

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    By the looks of your frame you definitely need to get a rackmount setup which tend to be more expensive than frame mounted engines but are of much higher quality. A chain driven kit like the Dax Titan or Staton will mount up fairly easily to your bike and give you the durability of a chain and sprocket drive for off-roading. Although more expensive and heavier the staton kit is going to be better off road because the hardware used is almost overkill and extremely strong components. The engine drives the hub of all their kits too rather than pulling on the spokes. I've gone off-roading many times on my bike and have had no problems yet. The NuVinci gear reduction definitely helps over rough terrain and although expensive it is the best thing out there for putting a multi-geared system on a bicycle.
  8. augidog

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    i was making a joke (;))...i'm golden-eagle all the way, see my signature...remembering what i do about my specialized i know it would make one heck of a rack-mount motoredbike. for those who haven't experienced it, rack-mount is a pleasant surprise...and the R/S 35 has proven itself as one heck of a good epa-compliant powerhouse.
  9. eljefino

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    Go for the subaru. The joy of lasting quality long exceeds the memory of spending a little bit more money for it.

    Skip a couple pizzas to make up the difference.

    You may consider a few hacks for road use; ape hanger handlebars, suspension seat post, cruiser tires... but get it working first.

    It is difficult to describe and imagine the feeling of flying along on a bike that you're not pedalling... but take our words for it, it is very addicting.
  10. stringer

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    Thanks alot for all the input!

    Can you tell me why I would definately need a rackmount for this bike? I would just like to know how that works.

    I really do like that subaru. And the thought of a 4 stroke sounds better to me. After more consideration, im perfectly willing to drop the off-pavement requirement i stated earlier.

    So what would you do to this bike? Honestly, that staton subaru kit for $399 is looking pretty good. Its friction drive ... you think thats a good idea?
  11. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Well the frame looks like it uses oversized tubes and there isn't that much room inside the frame to place an engine. You may be able to shoehorn a 49cc chinese 2 stroke in there but it may be difficult. Friction drive is a good choice as long as you're only going to be riding in dry conditions. If your tires are wet at all the drive roller will slip. They eat your tires faster and tend to be less efficient than chain or belt driven setups. The benefits are they are extremely easy to install and maintain and on the cheap.
  12. stringer

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    Ok guys so it looks like rackmount is the clear winner here?

    Ill be buying something in two weeks so im really trying to learn as much as possible before a purchase. I definately want the reliablity of a honda or subaru 4 stroke. Oh i forgot to mention im 155lbs.

    The staton friction drive looks good. But honestly, I would have to buy new tires, and we get alot of rain here. OTOH, it looks easy to install.

    And then I was looking at this . Looks really nice. I dont mind the price really, and (i think) i wont have to buy new tires. And it should work ok in wet conditions. But then it says i need to get "relacing" done?? And somehardware not included? And I'm afraid it will be too much of a project for me to handle for installation.

    Then i was thinking about an entire bike, already assembled. But I dont want to go that route because I already spent $350 on this bike (2005ish specialized hardrock sport) thats essentially new.

    Im in a pickle. I dont know what to go with here. I am able to say, that I like the look of the staton kits and website. Also am liking the subaru and honda 1.6hp 4 strokes.

    What do you guys think? :?:
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  13. stringer

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    bump :)

    what if i choose friction ... i know id need a new rear tire. but are my rims good to go? or any other investment needed besides a diff rear tire for me if i go friction? riding in the rain stinks anyway.
  14. Warner

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    I'm DEFINITELY going with the Staton chain drive kit when I do mine. I think the GEBE is a good kit as well; I just think the Staton kit is better. It'll be more difficult to install for sure, but I'm pretty handy and not afraid at all. How difficult could it be? It's just a few straps of metal holding the engine on the back of a bicycle. C'mon. I'm going with a 2 stroke though, for simplicity, weight, power, and reliability. Those are my choices after doing much research. Outside of the Staton and GEBE kits, I wouldn't (personally) even consider anything else for my uses.

    My two cents,


    PS - Either way, you're going to have to make sure you back wheel is up to the I don't think either kit has an advantage or disadvantage in that area. The two main reasons I like the Staton kit over the GEBE are:

    1 - The gearbox (and chain drive). I think it's **** near bulletproof, and guaranteed forever.

    2 - The true freewheeling of the hub. When you pedal the bike (at ANY speed), there is abosolutely NO resistance from the drive mechanism. This is a BIG deal to me.
  15. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Yeah I can say pretty much all the hardware for my kit was included. They mean re-lacing the rim from your current wheel to the double freewheel hub that comes with the kit... or you can buy a full pre-laced wheel from them and switch over your tires. Either way its going to cost you a bit more than the kit price. You could check out the dax titan, I've heard great things about them but the engine is a no-name honda clone 4 stroke. It however should be lighter weight than the staton kit and it would be greater displacement at 49cc rather than 33cc for the honda on the staton. Check it out and ask large philipino about his or some of the other people who have them here. They aren't that expensive or difficult to install but they don't freewheel and the sprocket attaches directly to the spokes which I know from experience can cause problems.
  16. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    tulsa wharehouse has honda 35s for 215.
  17. stringer

    stringer New Member

    thanks guys.

    im pretty sure ill end up ordering a staton rackmount chain drive kit with a honda 35cc. ill just have to figure out how to get er done.

    what are your thoughts on honda 35cc vs the subaru??

    whats the differnence between inside and outside drive? which should i get?

    do i need some kinda fenders for the wheels?
  18. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    oh35 gebe where do you ride? how old? read read read. good luck mitch
  19. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    I think more people here use the subaru EHO35. It seems like it may be a little more bulky than the honda but its made in japan rather than taiwan, has a cast iron cylinder sleeve and its valves are operated by rods rather than a belt. Just the fact that so many people use the subaru here without issues would sway me in that direction. That and the fact that its less expensive.
    The outside drive setup gearbox is centered directly over the rear wheel which means the engine is hanging off the right side of the bike. It's supposed to be very easy to set up (I can vouch for this, mine is set up in a similar way.) The inside drive kit will be more difficult to install as the gearbox is de-centered to the left side of the bike making the staton rack more balanced horizontally and keeps the engine from hanging off the right side of the bike. It'll probably be harder to install though. You only need fenders if you plan on riding in wet conditions and dont want water spraying up into your crotch and on your back.
  20. stringer

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    Thanks again. Great info here. :grin:

    Well I think I've made my decision. I think I'll go with a Staton Inc chain driven, outside drive kit (for ease of installation) with the Subaru EH035 and twist grip throttle add-on. I just hope the choice to go "outside drive" doesn't backfire by making the bike difficult to handle, or otherwise uncomfortable.

    I never really looked at it much, but this specialized hardrock sport is pretty cool looking, from what I can tell. I really hope this makes a good platform to work from. I would probably take off the yellow subaru engine cover, and paint it matte black to match my bike. And the seat definately needs to be replaced with something more tolorable.

    Anyways those are the plans so far, pending more reading and comments etc. This will be an interesting journey. :cool: