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    Hey ya'll,
    I just found out about this motorized bicycle scene, so I am brand new to it. Biking is my life, and just recently got a new bike, that I named Raimunda, and decided to embark on a project to customize the whole thing in order to understand the way motorcycles work on a basic level. I've been wanting to get a motorcycle for 5 years now but want to learn everything I can about them first, and thought the bicycle would be the best place to start. In my research, I came across a "How Stuff Works" link on the motorized bicycle, and the idea just clicked. I googled it and came across this forum, woo! It seems everyone is super supportive. I won't ask for advice just yet because I know it must have already been posted somewhere in here. Don't know where to start or what I'll need, but I'll explore around. Just thought I'd say hello. :)
    - Mimi

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Welcome, just to give you fore warning, if you are not mechanically inclined this might not be the thing. We have too many building these bikes that have no idea how things work, not even the basics. With that said, these bikes range from every day transportation to toys (that's me). For the most part with few exceptions (lucky I'm one of the exceptions) these kits need tinkering. All in all said, climb on and let's go for a ride.
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    Another Warning.....

    This Hobby is Addictive!! :D


    Welcome aboard!!
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    Welcome to the forum, Raimunda. These bikes require some maintenance and tinkering, but it is not very complicated. I think that motorized bikes are great for people that don't have a lot of mechanical experience but would like to learn. No computer controlled stuff. Only three wires.
    You can make these bikes mechanically complicated if you need the challenge.
  5. q999

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    great place to learn...

    don't let anyone scare you....
    this is a great place to learn and make friends.
    motorized bicycles are very addicting and you will get some grease under your fingers.
    so.. welcome to the forum...
    good luck..and remember safety first.