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    Newbiest of Newbie Questions: Hi All, I was wondering what are the basic starting procedures for a 2008 Whizzer 1.95 HP, 138cc/4 Stroke MB? I couldn't pass on a local bike for sale that only has 33 miles on it- but I couldn't get it started for a test drive due to my inexperience with these bikes. Was I supposed to hold the clutch handle in? At under a $1000, I thought it best not to pass this up! I'm looking to use it as a commuter to work 12 miles each way. In my research, I've seen things about the clutch handle and a "locking position", a compression button, choke adjusting lever, etc. but I would like to get a real good procedural starting checklist from someone who knows these bikes in and out. Honestly, I looked though the past forums and couldn't find anything specifically addressing this topic. Any advice is GREATFULLY appreciated. Glad to be a new member! Thanks in advance.

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  2. Mike Notigan

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    Nice Whizzer, MyJudoChop! I own an NER with the CVT drive, so I can't be too much help here but the basics are all the same.

    Trust me, someone with an NE5 will be along shortly to help you out. In the meantime, check out the stickies posted here to learn all about your newest bike. I think a 12 mile commute on a Whizzer would be about the most perfect way to get back and forth to work. Contained in the stickies are some great info that will wring out the best life and longevity for your bike, so they are a valued addition to this site.

    Regarding the NER start, it's pretty simple. The bike is started on the stand. Open fuel cock. Kill switch to ON. I'll choke the carb for the first evolution or 2. Depress Compression Lever. I stand on the right side of the bike for convenience. Holding the Compression Lever open, the pedal on my side is at the 2-3 o'clock position. Simply stand up on the pedal to around the 6 o'clock position to crank the engine while at the same time releasing the Compression Lever. You may have to play with the throttle while doing all of this, but I have found that if the gas is fresh and treated with Stabil, she just may fire at idle alone.

    Trust me, it's a lot easier then what I just typed here! Best of luck and I'm sure someone with the clutch drive will be along shortly. My NER is the orphan of the breed with the CVT.....

    Best Regards,
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    Thanks Mike! I'll give your advice a go once I pick up the bike tomorrow.
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    myjudo......stand on the left side of your bike with it on the stand.....turn on fuel and the choke ...set the pedal at around 10-11 oclock and push down briskly while holding the compression release in.....turn off the choke and do it with the ignition turned on and the on switch on the right handlegrip area...release the compression release as you push the pedal down.. it should pop right over and when you get used to it you probably wont hafta do the initial could also just peddle it holding the release and let it out slowly accomplishing the same thing
  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Looks like several already shared their methods of starting a Whizzer.

    I will just add a few comments:

    I receive calls daily telling me the fire is gone. 99% of the time it is the start/run switch on the right handle control. ALWAYS check this before attempting to start.

    It is important to learn how to start without "mounting" the bike and peddling, because the stand will slowly bend and make it impossible to keep the rear wheel off the ground during the starting process.

    I normally rotate the pedal on the left side of the bike and release the compression release as I push the pedal downward.

    Most bikes only need to use the choke when the motor is cold, however some motors need the choke on warm motors [depends on carburetor setup].

    1. Place bike on stand
    2. Open fuel line
    3. Turn key to run position
    4. Make sure stop/run switch on right control is in the "run" position
    5. Pull choke lever upward
    6. Activate compression release
    7. Depress pedal quickly
    8. Release compression lever as the pedal moves downward.
    9. Push choke lever downward as motor warms up
    10. Ride Whizzer
    11. Have fun
  6. Racie35

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    BTW judo...that's the twin to my ne5 before I added turn signals and rack...nice
  7. myjudochoprules

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    Racie- Funny, I got turn signals with the bike- still in the original packaging. I might hit you up later if I need to figure out the wiring. I have a couple of unplugged plastic coupler ends in the wiring harness near the handle bars- I'm guessing these must supply some aftermarket extras like signals.
  8. myjudochoprules

    myjudochoprules New Member

    That's about as good a checklist as I've seen! Thanks for the checklist Quenton. Can't wait till Step 10...
  9. mason_man

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    Welcome to the forum myjudo, and that pretty red whizzer too, it sounds like the price was also very good.

  10. RUSSELL45

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    Welcome to the forum Myjudochoprules, and that is one "sweet" ride. This forum will help you be a Whizzer mechanic before you know it. If it breaks, bends, runs rough or you want to improve performance, all the information and help is here, just for the asking. Enjoy the ride in style!!

  11. Racie35

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    [Yup....the bikes got the wiring there...plug and playQUOTE=myjudochoprules;365906]Racie- Funny, I got turn signals with the bike- still in the original packaging. I might hit you up later if I need to figure out the wiring. I have a couple of unplugged plastic coupler ends in the wiring harness near the handle bars- I'm guessing these must supply some aftermarket extras like signals.[/QUOTE]
  12. mason_man

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    That's really something, we give our input..... and they disappear?!?!?