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    Hey everyone. After driving a truck into town that gets 5 mpg I think I'm going to motorize my specialized mountain bike. Not sure how old it is, but it's kinda light, has disc brakes, and front shocks. I've done a lot of research the past day or two considering everything from electric to gas 2 stroke or 4 stroke. Money is a big issue with me, but I want something that is going to run good. I have decided (I think) on a dax Titan xc35, with their chain drive kit. I live in Oregon so I have to stay under 35cc's. For the most part the riding I will be doing is relatively flat. I'm around 200 pounds, and like to pedal anyway so not too worried about the small power of the engine. I also like that it's 4 stroke so I don't have to deal with mixing oil in the gas. From what I've gathered it's going to run under $400 which is my limit right now. I haven't found anything so far that is comparable in the price range. If anyone has any input for me that would be great. It rains a lot up here, so one of my worries would be how the water is going to effect the engine, although I have read on here that it shouldn't do much. Also wondering if it's possible to use their rack mount system with a honda or subaru motor if I decide to upgrade later. The only other thing that I'm not thrilled about is that the drive gear is attached to the spokes, and I've read on here that sometimes those spokes break. That sounds very dangerous, and could really kill you if you're around a lot of cars, so maybe I should just save and get something that is more safe. But that would take months, and I want to get started soon.
    That's about it, thanks to everyone on this site making it so rad.

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    I ride a 26cc friction drive that goes 28-30mph. I dont like the gears and chains personally to much to go wrong. You shouldn't go over 30mph on a bike either. A bicycle is made to handle the power of a human. Not an engine. the average human puts out an 1/8th of a horse power. Or about 25cc's. so to use an engine bigger is just dangerous. I have had some close calls going over 30mph. My rear tire's bearings fell out of the hub! I make sure there greased and the hub is tight.