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    hi guys ,been reading your posts on 4 stroke F.D. units ,very informative . I think im going with the staton system and a Honda 4 stroke I don't type well so probably wont post much from Hilton head sc but ill read a lot. A guy could tell me he burnt his hand on the stove cause its hot ,I will choose not to touch it thanks, kayak

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Hilton Head sounds like a great place to ride.
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  3. kayakguy

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    Thank you , wheelbender
  4. darwin

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    Welcome to the forum. With a Staton kit choose your drive spindle size carefully because it can cost $$ plus not easy to change if you choose wrong.
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    On second thought i'm going to talk to duane at dax . his drive coms w/2 spindles. this site is invaluable thanks guys