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    Hello All,

    I am pretty excited at the prospect of buying a (Honda?) motor for my 12 year old GT mountain bike. It will probably be a rear mount since there is not a whole lot of space underneath. I've been doing a little reading and I think I'll be going with a chain drive instead of the friction drive. If you think otherwise, I'd be happy to hear your opinions.

    I am considering buying one from a Internet retailer. If anyone has any suggestions on a reputable one please let me know. I am considering

    Also, if any one is in the Pasadena area of Southern California and would like to show off their bike, I'd love to come see one in person before I take the plunge and buy one.


  2. GearNut

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    You want a chain drive mount over the rear tire type?
    Go Staton! There is no other equal. IMO they are the best!

    Most all folks here have gotten badly burned by the typical EBAY sellers.
    Poor representation of product, Bait and switch style.
    No product support what-so-ever. No warranty.
    IMO stay away from EBAY!
  3. GearNut

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    Depending on where you live in So. Cal., there is a shop in Santee called A&B cycles. They sell Staton products over the counter.
    I do not know what there warranty is though.
  4. rockvoice

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    hey Ramblinman, between a buddy and myself have six or seven or eight.... bikes but there all 2 stroke frame mounts in Glendale if you want to ever check them out PM me.
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    ramblingman: your choices are yours to make, but i wanna make sure you understand there's another marvelous option for that'd be giving up the 50cc 4-stroke (which is what i assume you mean by "honda") but if you haven't looked at golden eagle, you haven't considered all your rack-mount options.

    don't sweat that, i'm only saying go see for yourself if you haven't already.

    GearNut sed
    i think that is the single most common (and most agreed-upon) opinion on MBc...other than that one, you are fair game, my friend. i hope you've done more than a "little" reading, this place is a gold-mine of MB-info.

    i never answer "what's the best, & where do i get it?" any more, but i came into this one because i suspect you haven't found the "vendor reviews" area and read what folks have already said in answer to your's the safest & surest way to get the straight scoop when you're brand new to this.

    please try to buy from an MBc sponsor whenever you can :)

    rockvoice sed
    that's cool if you're close matter what you wind up riding, it's TONS more fun with more riders :cool:
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  6. ramblingman

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    Yeah, thanks no Ebay for me on this one. I think of Chain drive over Friction for some of these reasons.

    Chain Drive

    power, all weather, durable

    weighty, more complicated installation and maintenance

    Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance, Safe (no belts or chains to break or get stuck)

    less power, affected by wet weather, best with smoothe tire

    I'd like to be able to use it for dirt roads, wet, etc... Just in case. And with the Chain you don't have to worry about chaining the friction bar thing for increased torque on hills, etc..
    Of course maybe it's easier than changing a sprocket with less or more teeth.

    Yeah, I want to 50cc Honda for fast speed. I did check out the golden eagles, but they're a bit slower. I checked out the vendor reviews area, but didn't search for the company I was looking at buying from, I just went down a few pages in threads and didn't see much. I'll have to go back to check it out again more thoroughly I guess.

    Thanks for all the great feedback.