Newbie to motored bikes - S. New Hapmshire

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    Hi Gang,

    Name is Sean. Pretty much love anything on two wheels so I thought I would try one of these bike motor kits. Been trying to get up to speed with a new build in the home shop. I picked up a mangled rusty Schwinn Cruiser last week. I did some research and ordered a Chinese 2-stroke from Raw Motors. Spent part of the day today breaking down the '83 Cruiser. It will need new crank cups and bearings. The rear coaster needs adjusting too. Pulled the fork (lots of heat) and those bearings will need replacing too. Left rear chainstay needs straightening too.

    The rear sprocket attachment in the kit looks a bit iffy so I went with a machined hub clamp/mount arrangement. I also ordered a better chain tensioner.

    Been fooling around with Suzuki FA50's (noped) previous to this so I'm looking forward to going back in time a little more and motorizing a bicycle. Used Whizzers were a little too expensive so this seemed like a good place to start and figure out what works. Can't wait to tear around on it.

    Looking forward to mining this forum database for tips and hints. Hope to post some pics of the project on the way and learn from those who have already plowed through it all.

    Regards from a cold Southern New Hampshire,

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    Welcome to MBc. Please let us know your progress, and how things go as they go along...we are most very interested.
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    New bike build

    Well, thanks for the warm welcome. I will be happy to post the project progress here.

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    Welcome to M.B.c. Sean. There are a few thousand members here and most are willing to help in any way possible. All ya gotta do is ask.
    Big Red.
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    I'd like to offer a possible suggestion. Your build is only as good as the bike you start with. My first bike was a ratty Mt. Bike, pedaled OK, powered up, but hard to ride. Hard to keep straight, handled spooky . Second bike, New Huffy Beach Cruiser, goes straight, rides like dream. My next build will be a Worksman, the rationalle being, the Huffy wheels are wimpy, and got tossed, in favor of Worksmans, which are very tough.
    Starting with a new Worksman would be more money, but in the long run a terrific value because it comes with tough wheels, a frame to match, and a long list of options you'd probably end up buying Al La Cart anyway.
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    That is good advice V 35. If the guy has that kind of money it is the best way to go. I don't have it like that, so I just get the best steel frame bike I can, Then go down to one of my bike shop friends and get an all steel HD rear wheel. Thats an extra $50 or $60 but well worth it. I stay away from aluminum frames and wheels. While great for a regular bike, aluminum tweeks way to easy on a motorized. Using only steel makes for a little heaver bike but a much safer one. I've put motors on aluminum frames when I couldn't talk a customer out of it and they almost always come back with a cracked frame. It can't take the vibration like steel can.
    The best advice I can give is to MAKE IT SAFE. If it looks "iffy" do something else. If you "think" it needs a brace welded in, It probably does. This machine is going to propel yer behind down the street at about 30mph so don't take a chance with anything. Do it right or don't do it at all.
    Big Red.
    Shiny side up,
    Rubber side down.
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    Working on it...

    Thanks for the advice guys. I've started to prep the parts for paint this past week. My Skyhawk has arrived and I'm really excited about putting it back together.
    Thanks for focusing on safety too. That is probably overlooked more than we all think or would like to admit. I've got parts for a front brake as the 30 year old Schwinn cruiser had a coaster only. I'm not going to put all my faith in the old coaster. As a daily motorcycle rider I'm more inclined to depend on front braking anyway so I'm adding a good quality Campy side pull that I got from a friend that used to race bicycles. You mentioned wheels and that is a concern for me so I will take it very easy on the first miles to see how "she holds together". I did opt for the hub clamp type of rear sprocket mount. That spoke arrangement that comes with the Grubee looked a little tenuous. I was worried about keeping it centered on the hub.

    I would love to start with a Worksman frame. Maybe that will be the next project depending on how this goes.

    I'll post pictures soon. I'll be priming pieces and shooting it with a single stage urethane over the next week. I'm reading everything on this site. I'll post what I have learned along the way and what I find works and does not. I would really like to explore other engine options in the future too.

    Having fun with the build!

  8. welcome aboard sean good to see more nh members on here this site help me out alot just ask form nashua nh :cool2: :cool2: :cool2: :cool2: