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    I live in CDA, Idaho and just lost my license. So I'm looking for alternative transportation. I also love adventure and travel so what a perfect dovetailing. Since I have a horrible back, I'm interested in a recumbent. If you have any tips on best motors or anything else, please feel free to share. I'm loving the learning curve here. Great forum!!

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    Welcome, but can't help you with you're dilemma.
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    Idaho Statutes



    49-301. DRIVERS TO BE LICENSED. [EFFECTIVE JANUARY 30, 2012.] (1) No person, except those expressly exempted by the provisions of this chapter, shall drive any motor vehicle upon a highway unless the person has a current and valid Idaho driver's license. Provided however, that those persons holding a restricted school attendance driving permit may drive upon a highway pursuant to the restrictions set forth in section 49-307A,

    I looked up the exemptions they don't include people who've lost their license. Like my state of Tennessee you don't have to have a motorcycle license but you do have to have a drivers license to operate a motorized bicycle on the public roadways. A motorized bicycle in your state would have to meet the requirements of a moped. Otherwise you'd have to meet the requirements of a motor driven cycle. It allows you to do more but requires more as well.

    I've done some more research Idaho laws don't seem to cover the issue of electric assist bikes so this may be the area you need to go.
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    Brother. You are taking a **** shoot with many kits. My advice Is check out and pirate cycles or gebe. Avoid sold me bad engine. sent It back with a tracer on pkg. I checked online and It got there. Guy said he never got It and did not honor his warranty or even offer help with replacement parts. Buy your kit from reputable dealers cuz I can promise If you do the standard 2 stroke china girl kit. You are gonna sooner or later need parts and many the vendors I recommend have 3 to 6 month warranties.