Newbie wanting to get feed back on what engine to buy and what to stay away from

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  1. bucktrout

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    Hello everyone, my name is Troy. I live in Spokane, WA married two kids and two dogs, bla, bla, bla.

    I am here because I want to turn my old Cannondale M700 mountain bike into a motorized bike, street legal. My intention is to use this as my main source of transportation to and from work on a daily basis which is about 30 miles round trip thru the city.

    I am fairly mechanically inclined however I am not very "engine" savvy. I would like to get feed back on what engine to buy and what not to buy. Currently, I am leaning toward a motor from which is an 80cc motor with a few upgrades for $279, delivered to my door, which I thought was good price after searching around however, you get what you pay for.

    If there is anyone out there able to give me feedback, ideas, suggestions, etc., I would like to stay in the $375 range to get this up and going so that may put a limit on my options.

    Also is there anybody out there from the Spokane area I can hook up with to you're your ride, get you feed back and maybe join a riding club, if there is such a thing? Thank you ahead of time for your feedback. I look forward to getting this project started and riding by April, sooner if possible.

    Thanks, and make it a GREAT DAY!!!!!!
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  2. professor

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    Hi Buck, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    My suggestion would be a 4 stroke kit, since you are not into tinkering and need reliability for your treks.
  3. bucktrout

    bucktrout New Member

    Thanks professor. Do you recommend a brand or website? I am willing to learn if that helps in the tinkering department and I'm not afraid to get dirty and mad to figure it out, then I'm happy and all smiles.
  4. seanhan

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    If you want a high quality , reliable engine the choices are:
    Honda, robin, mitsubishi, Tanaka, notice one thing they all have in commen ???
    They are all Japanese...
  5. give me vtec

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    anything with a robin/subaru eho35 engine.... staton or golden eagle are the best.

    Golden eagle is my favorite... most expensive at around $600 but you get what you pay for.

    the staton kit is in your price range at around $400 but friction drives slip in the rain and eat tires. The kit is bullet proof though and will probably outlast the bike you put it on.

    here is a picture of my golden eagle electra townie... its my favorite bike and would trust it to ride as far as I needed to go . It starts every time and has seen the worst abuse I can imagine the rational person throwing at one of these things... and maybe a little more. If you are going to use this as primary transportation this is the bike I would highly recommend building.


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  6. seanhan

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    Yea V-Tec !!! That's the one to get!!!
    You won't miss any work with the Eagle...