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    Hello everyone. How ya'll doin?

    What brought me here is that I am interested in building or purchasing a motorized bike.

    Specifically I would like to purchase a bike that is free energy. I have heard of motors that run by magnets and I was wondering if I could some how build one of those and make it so that it will attack to a bicycle and work!

    I wonder how fast I could make it go, how many pounds it can pull with out hardcore damage or wear and tear, and maintenance.

    Well, I hope I came to the right place to get help on such a project.

    Loving Kindness

  2. bamabikeguy

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    Jack was saying he saw a regenerative e-engine hub, which charged the batteries on the downhill coasting, for longer possible distances.

    I think our electric section is as active as any on the boards.
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    Welcome :grin5: