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    Hey all. I have been very intrigued by having a motor on my bicycle for some time now. I have a Schwinn Jaguar Cruiser with a 67cc 2 stroke. I put it together Friday night and now I absolutely love it! Just here to get tips from other riders on mods for the bike and also compare to others! Thanks and happy riding!

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    If you are looking for a really effective and cheap mod... I took some rubber I found on the road while riding and cut it into pieces small enough to fit in between the cooling fins. It made a HUGE difference in vibration. There is a post somewhere here with more info and pics... Highly recommend doing this.... feels like a whole new bike. Reduced vibration by at least 30-40 %

    welcome to the site... absolute treasure chest of good info.
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    Welcome to the forum, Husker. The Jag makes a nice looking motor bike.