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  1. pnz

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    Just put together my first 66/80. All I need now is a chain breaker to shorten the length.

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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey PNZ..Eno in Oz..You might want to consider getting a better chain instead of the cheapo that comes with most kits..Look for a "Fenner Roller Chain" 415 S (S meaning motor bike quality and strength) they never break and the size fits the sprockets supplied as the pitch is the same so it snuggles in nicely into the cogs..mind you the guage is bigger and so most chain breakers dont fit (grind of the rod to remove it and after you measure hit the motorbike shop and their breakers will snap in the link) (or buy one..$ ?) ..get some photos in when you get going and everyone jumps in to help..Welcome again.. Eno
  4. pnz

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    thanks for the advice on the chain. I notice it does not stay tight I am always retightening the chain.
    I have a fuel leak coming from the screw that is at the bottom of the float what type of washer should I use like neoprene, fiber or ?. I also need the same for the fuel shut off valve. Any ideas..