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    hi im new here,so bear with me,
    ive got a 24inch cruiser that im gonna fit a 33cc tondu hedge strimmer motor too,ive seen the rack kit for bikes (advertised on ebay,)that lower the drive barrel which is attached to the centerfugal clutch, onto the rear tyre(friction drive),these kits look great but my engine has the small clutch so wont im thinkin fasten/weld/bolt a bmx stunt peg to the clutch barrel,
    how to fasten a bmx alloy stunt peg (1 inch o/d )to the centerfugal drive barrel,it has 10mm internal hole at one end
    ive been told its" doable".
    if any one has seen or has this kit please tell me how is the drive roller fastened to the clutch roller,is it just bolted
    thanks nick

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    Welcome DubDoctor, I don't have the answers to your questions but you are definitely in the right forum. If you don't get an answer here do a new thread in the general discussion or do a search on friction drives and get answers there or post a thread with your questions. I am using a chinese 80cc engine but friction drive is a possibility for me also because I just hapjpen to have a weedeater motor that needs a job.
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    Welcome to MBc

    Have fun,