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    Hi guys,
    Been reading all your Whizzer stuff for a while, time to jump in.
    I've had two Whizzers as a kid, the first one was the die cast split down the middle[boy wish I had that one yet].I roade that one everywhere even though it had a rod knock and leaked oil.
    The second one was a 'j' basket case. I put that one on my brand new Monark bike. I had a heavy duty rear wheel with a drum brake. I replaced the pedal assy with a couple of reducing pipe fittings and some pipe nipples. I always ran with the bike to start it anyhow.I machined a boss on the right side reducer for a Crosley brake pedal and ran a rod back to the brake.
    I modified the cylinder head and made a head gasket from 1/32 asbestos[ I'm still here with my lungs intact].
    I had a friend that had a Vincent motorcycle that clocked me at 50 mph. That was fast for a 15yr old kid!
    Now back to the present,I have a300s that I've had forever in the basement. I tore it apart to se what shape it was in. the crankshaft had been ground .020 under at one time. the rod bearing is good. It must have blew arod at some time because there is marks in the crankcase and bits or safety wire in the crankcase. There were no spacers on the crank or cam.
    I've got a lathe, mill, and 6/12 surface grinder so I made the proper spacers.
    I fired it up last week first time! Now I need your help for a set of .005 over piston rings.
    I still have an original rear wheel pulley and an aluminum clutch pulley from the last ice age.
    I have to find an old Schwinn to mount it on. there is a swap meet coming up in April here, see if I can find what I need.
    There you have it, I was here before Whizzer

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    Hi John, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome Papajohn,

    Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. I think you'll be right at home here. I'm not a Whizzer man but have been riding 2 wheeled motorized things since I was a young teen. This site is great. I think we all teach and learn from each other. Good luck with the Whizzer.