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    I'm a newbie from Kentucky and also a newbie to forums, so I will be a little clumbsy until I learn the process.

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    Hi Doc, welcome to Motoredbikes! Check out the search function above in the blue bar and spend a lot of time here- lots of stuff to know.
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    Thanks for the welcome. Totally new to forums, but eventually will learn my way around. I don't know if this is the place to introduce myself, but here it is: I'm 67 years old and received my first friction drive kit from my Dad who is 89 years old. He bought the first kit and had a accident on the bike that first summer, so he became a little scared and gave it to me to try. I tried it on a Murray cruiser bike I had and after installing became enthralled with it. I purchased my first kit from Staton, which was the Robin Subaru e035 kit. I live in Kentucky where there are a lot of hills and the Subaru wasn't quite pulling the hills. So I decided to go bigger with more power and purchased from Staton, the Honda GXH50. I like to put my bike on my bike carrier on the car and travel to different State parks to ride the hills. I'm planning to visit my daughter in Virginia and looking forward to stopping in Buena Vista Va. and ride the Blue Ridge parkway this summer. Snakedoctor
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    Sounds like a plan, Doc. I ride a recubent trike w/Robin-Subaru and chain drive gearbox kit from Staton. I've had no problems with the Robin-Subaru (it's been clocked by police radar for a 1/4 mile at 42mph on a flat road), but then, I've lived in SW Florida for over 35 years and haven't seen a hill yet.<grin> I have had no problem with state parks, but had a little hastle with Everglades National Park. Be sure to check. It helps to have a year long Pass Card in advance.