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    Hello all... I got the bug a year ago. I purchased a Grubee 80cc(69cc I guess) put it in a Delmar bike at walmart. I had to make my own intake because the frame was too narrow. that bike worked so well I bought 2 more engines and a bike with more space. Nothing but trouble since. Chains falling off, clutch became saturated with oil. I installed a hub mounted sproket which needed a biggger chain which seems to rob power,and I gave up, put the bikes under a tarp and tried to forget the mistake I felt I began. I am recovering from a broken back so even a small amount of labor causes me a lot of pain. When something goes wrong. Today I dug out my first bike, filled the tank. After a winter of snow and now summer... It started on the first try! So now I will probably start going crazy and tackle the other disaster and teach it who's boss!

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    Broken Back

    Carefull, Ya you want to get it finished and ready, but if you wiped out with back issue it would be even longer wait.
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