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  1. gbortnick

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    I just built my first MB. I built a DAX 50cc 4 cycle friction drive on a comfort bike. For my 65th birthday I rode 50 miles on the Natches Trace Pkwy. Would like to go the whole 444 miles and then do the Blue Ridge Pkwy for desert. I live in East Tennessee and wish we had more bike paths or places we could ride on the roads. Great feeling the wind in what hair I have left.

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    Welcome aboard :D
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    Welcome to the forum. Does the Dax climb the hills OK?
  4. gbortnick

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    does it climb hills?

    Oh yea. I weigh 240 and just went 50 miles down the Natches Trace Pkwy and it never slowed down. In fact I have allready told Duane I want the 1 1/2" drive wheel.