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    Hi all, glad to be here and find all of you. I am live in North Carolina but an from So. Cal. I have been a drag racer/ hot rodder for many years. I am a retired engineer and do most of my own fabrication. I lost most of my vision a few years ago and can't drive so my only way of getting around town was a bicycle. I recently lost a good bit of my balance too, so the bike had to go. I built a trike with electric power. It has (2) 500 watt wheel motors that run at 48 VDC. I have 12 Ah SLA batteries right now, but will be upgrading to (2) 20 AH cells soon. It is not rally a bicycle, but sort of a go-kart rear with small motorcycle front end. It is too heavy and I am going to use some bicycle parts to lighten it up. I was drawn here by Ausiejester and his trike build.

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    Welcome to the forum. Cool trike. What kind of engineer are you?
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    Wheelbender6, I am/ was a mechanical engineer. I did a lot of electronic control work as well as design and certify pressure vessels. Thanks for the complement, but I feel like a piker here. There is so much cool stuff and so much to learn. Really glad to be here.