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  1. jim lyle

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    :D New here, but not to toys. I have been a whizzer enthusiast for years. In 48,49 a neighbor in the country had a whizzer and an old midget racer. For odd jobs he would let me ride the whizzer. About 25 yrs ago I bought the eng off that bike. I put the eng on a murray bike and rode it for a couple of yrs. Fast fwd to present .I have bought another one ,its a H eng on a welding services roadmaster frame. Eng is frozen up and I am waiting till it arrives on Monday to look at it. I live in Warner Robins Ga .

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    Hai how she cuttin? The whizzer looks like a nice piece of kit but i've never seen one in the flesh
  3. jim lyle

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    Doing well. They are pretty good cruisers. I had a new one,1999 that is, that I put a couple of hundred miles on. The current bike ,I really don't know what I'm going to do,other than get it rolling and running. Need a few parts, but will have to see what I have when it arrives.
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    Welcome to the forum. I have been wanting to get over there to see the aviation museum at WR.
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    Thanks. If you come get in touch and we can meet. The Museum is really great.General Scott, when he was with us, signed an original"God Is My Copilot".